Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Machine Learning and Algrorithm

Neural Network
I used Back-propagation for recognizing objects such as sphere and cube. First, this program trained with desired images. Then, it read images from a camera and analyzed it based on the trained weight functions. Moreover, I implemented a back-propagation program.

This program is Self-Organizing Map(SOM). I made this program for categorizing data.

This program is a back-propagation training progam. You can add layers and nodes, train your own data, and change some parameters such as steepness, momentum and learning rate. Finally, you can save the result of training to a file. I applied Q-Learning to path planning and Hanoi Tower. Q-Learning is more clear than Back-Propagation and easier to use compared with other machine learning algorithms.

A* Algorithm
I made a program which could test the A* algorithm. You can build a map and test your own A* algorithm: you can change hueristic equations and add the smoothing algorithm and so on.

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