Thursday, April 30, 2009

TAME Project

The TAME (Traits, Attitudes, Moods and Emotions) Project focuses on adding complex affective state to a humanoid robot for assisting in the generation of long-term human-robot attachment. TAME is a time-varying affective model that ranges over the complete affective space of an agent. As such it is highly generative, and can produce a wide range of interactive capabilities through a robotic system in support of long-term human-robot interaction. In this project, we plan to extend and develop the TAME time-varying affective control model for use in humanoid robotic systems. Specifically, we will provide a MissionLab implementation of TAME for the demonstration the ability to convey long-term interactive affective phenomena to human observers. I designed a software architecture for TAME which can operate independently and be configurable without recompile it. The affective component was applied to a humanoid robot, Nao.

The Configuration of the Experimental System

Nao's Emotional Gestures and Eye Colors according to Basic Emotions
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